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I have also tried using proxy_pass, but it still does not work. In fact, when I use the same request header in both the requests that use the proxy_pass method and non-proxy_pass method, I can see that the proxy_pass makes a GET request with the required headers on my API. Here is my vhost file: ServerName ProxyPreserveHost On ProxyPass / ProxyPassReverse / Order deny,allow Allow from all ProxyPass /v1/customers/ticker_profile_result_search ProxyPassReverse /v1/customers/ticker_profile_result_search RequestHeader set X-Origin-Source-IP %{REMOTE_ADDR} I'm using GoDaddy's shared hosting environment. And I'm trying to run the code in a Linux environment. A: I think the request header should be: X-Origin-Source-IP: %{REMOTE_ADDR} See here. 1. Field of the Invention This invention relates to the field of air pollution control systems. More particularly, the invention relates to an improved system for handling waste gases from municipal solid waste and food processing facilities. 2. Description of the Prior Art Typically, waste gases from food processing plants, such as a tomato cannery, come from ovens in which large quantities of plastic-covered wood chips, so-called "burnts", are roasted. Burnts, which are discarded as a waste product from many food processing plants, are considered to be a waste material since they contain large amounts of nitrogen, carbon and volatile organic compounds. The plastic covering is considered a nuisance, since it tends to degrade, contaminating the environment and requiring expensive disposal




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