Wishes and authenticity

Wishing for a Happy New Year with questions about authenticity

Even if my expressed wishes are sincere for each person to whom they are addressed, what power do I have over the likelihood of their fulfillment?

If I sincerely wish for happiness and good health for the people I wish for, do I really think I have the power to grant those wishes?

Positive thoughts

Yes, I am sincere in expressing my positive thoughts to my family, friends, clients, people I train or coach, and everyone else I care about. No, I am not omnipotent, I know I do not have the power to get the desires of others met.

So what is the point of these vows? What is the point of these wishes? What is the point of continuing to wish for positive things when one is intimately convinced of one's powerlessness to make these good intentions true by their simple statement?

I realize that this question has always nagged at me, for as long as I can remember. The difference is that today I am a coach and this questioning is all the more important since, among the misconceptions about coaching, there is still the one about the omnipotence of the coach who would allow his clients to accomplish their desires thanks to his magic wand.

The benefit

Why do we continue to send wishes when we know that we do not have the power to decree happiness for others? Because wishing the New Year is an opportunity to send signs of recognition, to say to the other person, depending on the case, that : I know that he/she exists He/she is important to me He/she is an important person I think about him/her I appreciate him/her I love him/her And also that I believe in him/her, In his/her ability to cope, In his/her skills, In his/her power to implement the ingredients of a "good year".

As I am a coach

I coach my clients with the same mindset. I don't have the power to grant their wishes, but I do have the power to help them grow? Because I believe in them, in their ability to cope, in their skills, in their power to change things, to find solutions. To grow ... to progress ... to advance ... to rise ... to develop ... to strengthen ... to change ... to transform ... What each one decides for him/her with coaching. And, finally, my wishes ... I wish each one that his/her year unfolds as he/she will have decided Feel free to create others.

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