Game Coaching rules

Game coaching is a series of games used to make people innovative to turn ideas in actions, to solve complex problems, scope projects, or manage deliveries. Being efficient, game coaching responds to rules.


In the Gamestorming book Dave Gray, Sunni Brown, James Macafuno share with us a set of co-creation tools and explained the difference between "the play" and "the game".

The game is separate in 3 periods: Opening, Core game, Closing and it's a chain of action for achieving clear goals.

So, in Game Coaching general rules could be :

1- Clarify the project scope, by challenging the assumptions

2- Define the goals

3- Select the most appropriate games to reach the goals and win the business game

4- Facilitate games. Be curious. Learn and grow. Take smart risks. Get creative to get it done. Experiment. Anticipate change and adapt accordingly.

5- Celebrate success

For each step, Think about what topics will you cover in term of

  1. The thinking and the instinctive brain and their separate functions in key moments of performance

  2. The performance equation

  3. Ways of enhancing players’ A-game

  4. Dealing with the B-factors (situations and conditions)

  5. The impact of past-present-future on players’ performance

  6. The ‘zone.’

The efficiency in Game coaching is 1- Forcing our mind to disconnect (turn-off) 2- The passion generated by the game blurs the "conflicts" by facilitating a step back and allowing the abandonment of the postures of the Hoffman Triangle, namely victim-savior-executioner and bringing everyone back to the pleasure of co-constructing something in common.

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