Coach Posture

Game Coaching is taking place in several situations. It's could be a personal game where we are facing to oneself, or a team's games such as football, rugby or professional games. The Coach is inspirational to everyone towards a consciousness process by introducing self-awareness. Game Coaching is support for cooperation and the organic development of our organizations for a better world. The goal is a mutual understanding to achieve a common goal. The Dalai Lama calls for leaders and asked them to develop mindfulness, selflessness, and compassion to establish a world where everyone finds their place and cooperates for the common well-being. This is also the common goal of the Coach. It is a facilitator to help the group in the action to recompose the group, then to find its right place. Our contributors in the open forum associate Coach's posture as the ability to be:

"a revealer of resources. It allows each person, each group to find the resources that he / she/their needs to advance towards their goal, to solve their problems, ... The coach can also act as a scout, more than a guide, to enlighten external resources or practices, that the person or the group can use to solve their issue ". The specificity of the coach is his unconditional openness characterized by his optimism, his positive characters, associated with a strong strategy and solution orientation. Based on the observation of the human being, the coach takes into consideration the person in what makes his humanity, his individuality, his uniqueness. This is without judging him and without interpretation. He simply enlightens ways or qualities in order to help the people getting aware of the multiple opportunities surround theirs. Coaching practices associated with a game, the Coach suggests that the coachee abandon his reflexes for a while to follow the rules of the game. He thus allows an opening towards other possibilities, metaphorical ... He thus transmits through play, or through his powerful questions, to teams, managers, and individuals confidence to themself. The Game Coach also invites teams and managers to experiment with the rules of the game, that of the Game Coach used, to become themself a Coach. The rules of the game help teams to Coach by pair and slowly change their posture to open up to other opportunities and welcome change.

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